VOIP phone systems or Voice Over Internet Protocol is the newest technology that uses an internet connection to have a phone conversation. It takes the audio and converts it into a digital format that is then sent through the internet connection.
The VOIP phone systems will take your voice and convert it into an electronic signal. It will then break your voice down into packets that are compressed and then will be sent to the receiving phone. When these packets are sent to the receiving phone, they are put back together and they can hear your voice.

If you want to use VOIP phone systems, you will need to have the proper equipment, which is not much. You need an internet connection that is high-speed and a VOIP phone or a VOIP adapter that will go on the phone. There are three ways that you can use VOIP phone systems.

The first is ATA. Or in other words, Analog Telephone Adapter. This method is the most popular ones for the VOIP phone systems. This adapter is connects your regular phone to your computer that has an internet connection to it. The ATA works by converting the analog signals to digital signals and then they are sent to the receiver over the internet. This type is the easiest out of all VOIP phone systems. You simply ask your VOIP service provider for an ATA to plug into your computer and that is all.

The second type of VOIP phone systems is the IP Phones. You will have to get rid of your regular phones and switch to an IP phone. It is no much different from your normal phone, except it has an Ethernet connecter. You will plug the IP Phones into your router instead of the wall. There is no software necessary.

The last type of VOIP phone systems is the computer-to-computer method. This is the cheapest way to use VOIP phone systems since all the phone calls are totally free and you do not have to purchase a plan. You will need to download some software, but it is completely free online. You will also need an internet connection, microphone and speakers which most people already have.
Most people think it will be expensive to make the switch to VOIP phone systems, but it is fairly cheap. The providers make it easy for any business to switch by giving them options to how they want to use the VOIP phone systems. You can keep your regular phones and buy a little adapter or get rid of the phones altogether. It is completely up to you.

When you switch to VOIP phone systems, you will notice that there are a lot of great features that will help your business. There are the normal ones like voicemail, call waiting and caller ID. You can also get more advanced features such as, video conferencing and managing your system online. VOIP phone systems are really nice because you can do everything from your computer. There are also different plans to choose from depending onthe size of your business. You will be glad you made the switch!

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VOIP Phone Systems (Sol Kutella)
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  • There are many parts to a new business phone system. Choosing the right provider, the phones you need, the right headsets or a VoIP-friendly version of the PBX phone systems that many offices use to route your calls to the appropriate phones on your network, as well as a device called a PSTN gateway. Nice, article.

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