The success of any corporate organization chiefly rests on interaction amongst peers and with clients. If you are still running that old, haphazard communication system that is devoid of the features required for communication, a switch to Hosted PBX systems can be a great deal and can work wonders for your business. A scalable and two-way communication platform with classy business communication features can help you represent a giant corporate image at a modest price. Hosted business phone can offer such an interface for communication.

The major 5 reasons that can complement the switch to Hosted PBX from PSTN or premise based PBX channel are:

Fiscal Savings: The premise based systems are usually a large expense since they need to be first purchased and then installed and configured. The expenses involved are too much and thus, these communication systems are unaffordable by the small business organizations. On the other hand, Virtual PBX ensures that you can have access to all the features of a large communication channel without any such expense being incurred.

No maintenance or wear and tear: Since Hosted PBX providers offer services in a remote manner from a faraway location, there is no need to maintain the equipment. When it comes to maintenance, you need to establish a skilled team that can handle the equipment from a remote location and can provide you with a seamlessly working system. When there is no ownership of the equipment, there is no maintenance.

Access to a technologically updated system: When a business firm enters into a communion with some Hosted PBX service provider, it is the responsibility of the provider to upgrade to the latest telecommunication solution. There are multiple refined methodologies that promote the sharing of voice, data and image over one line that is channeled through an IP based interface.

Scalable system: When you purchase a solution, you need to have a minimum of fixed requirement and the variables are also to be considered. The presence of scalable systems ensures that business enterprises can make their changes in the system as and when required. This allows business organizations to make a feasible investment by availing the benefits of a system that is flexible.

Virtual office can be set up: Hosted PBX services offer you the privilege to be flexible in terms of the setup of office premises. Business enterprises can have an option to establish a virtual office that can be managed from a single room or home through mobile workforce. So, it is not always mandatory that you maintain a physical office. You may just plug in your internet connection and get started with communication from anywhere. All you need to have is a 3G based internet or Wi-Fi.

These business phone advantages are major reasons why small business enterprises look forward to establishing a communication solution that can offer some of them seamless transmission of data and voice over the internet. The use of Hosted PBX VOIP through a digital channel is one of the most advantageous activities that take place in the telecommunication world today. Hosted PBX is thus the most feasible solutions especially for the small business organizations. The features like call wait, call forwarding, call parking, Interactive Voice Response, local numbers, 800 numbers, etc. make communication a privilege for the small business firms as they can project a Fortune 500 image for their enterprise in the business world.

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5 Major Reasons Why You Can Ditch Your Phone System for Hosted PBX (Adom Brown)
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