Reliable IT Support.  We understand that in order for technology to be beneficial and efficient, it has to be reliable.  It needs to work as it was designed.  Depending on technology to maximize the efficiency of your business is critical for most companies today to remain competitive and profitable.  At Big Fish Technologies (BFT) we understand the importance of this aspect of your business.  Our customers rely on us to make sure that when issues arise we are able to find and implement solutions in a timely manner.  We also regularly monitor networks and equipment to be proactive in identifying potential threats before they happen.

BFT brings over 45 years of combined IT and Technical Service Industry experience to our customers. Working in the Medical, Commercial and private sectors. Our vast experience in IT and the Technical Service industry is why we know “Customer Service” is our Highest Priority. Locking customers into long term or buyout contracts is counter productive. We want “You” as the customer to be satisfied with our service.

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